Apr 292013

how to make your mornings suck less

Is the morning the most difficult part of your day? It can be tough getting your body and mind fired up no matter how much sleep you’ve gotten. Moreover, if you need to get your family dressed, fed, and out the door with books, backpacks, and briefcases intact, mornings can often feel challenging and grueling.

The good news is, even if you’re not a morning person, there are ways to help yourself get energized, motivated, and looking forward to the adventures of the day, rather than wishing you could just go back to bed.

Tips to help you cope with mornings

  1. Get adequate rest.

    It’s true you’ll sometimes feel tired no matter what, but you might not be getting quality rest without even knowing it. Poor sleep quality could be a contributing factor to the reason you wake up groggy and grumpy.

    Try going to bed earlier and see how you feel. Additionally, train yourself to use healthy sleeping positions.

  2. Wake up earlier.

    Sometimes you just need more time in the morning to get ready. If you’re trying to squeeze every possible moment of sleep into your schedule, when you do get up you have to rush. That’s too much stress for the morning.

    Wake up in time to give yourself a few calm and peaceful moments during your morning routine. Watch the sun rise, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, or partake in some relaxing conversation before the day’s activities.

  3. Prepare for the morning at night.

    The night before, take action to make your morning go more smoothly. Leave your keys in the same spot, pack the backpacks, and get everyone’s clothes ready. You can even set the coffee timer to have freshly brewed coffee ready when you get up!

  4. Play music.

    The moment when the alarm first goes off might be the toughest part. Rather than being startled awake, wake to your favorite relaxing music. Enjoying the first few minutes you’re awake can make a big difference in your whole morning.

  5. Meditate.

    Meditation can help you instill both energy and inner peace that you can carry throughout your hectic day.

    As you meditate, sit in an upright position so you’re not tempted to fall back asleep. Pay attention to your breathing and concentrate on the moment, rather than all the tasks you need to do during the morning.

  6. Develop a positive mindset.

    If you tend to act irritable in the morning, choose to start your day in a better way. Think about all the great things that might happen today. If you know you will encounter unpleasant situations, focus on the aspects of your day that can and will be pleasant.

  7. Give thanks.

    Another great way to start any morning is to concentrate on the things you’re thankful for in life. An attitude of gratitude puts you in a happy mood!

So, if you have trouble with mornings, make them easier and more productive with these methods. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish throughout the rest of the day!


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