Qsymia Dosage Information | Low Doses Can Be Lethal

Being overweight is often referred to as obese and is a term that emotionally hurts. The effects of obesity are overwhelming, but healthcare and medical advice can help overcome the emotional scars and lasting effects.

Federal Drug Administration Approval

The many weight loss products on the market all say that they work, and maybe they do, but confidence and safety of each product are often questioned. Many products purchased online have not been approved as safe by the FDA, Federal Drug Administration in the United States according to postimageco.com . Qsymia dosage information has been approved by the FDA as a safe weight loss product, but only if the prescribed dosage is taken and at the time intervals directed on the physician’s prescription.

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How Does Qsymia Work In Your Body?

A chemical in the prescription called phentermine triggers a chemical release in the brain. This chemical sends signals out expressing a full-feeling, turning off the incentive to want to eat. Sounds pretty simple, but the body transmits the proper signals because the proper dosage was taken. Misusing the medication and increasing the dosage begins to send the wrong signals to the brain and can cause the brain to send the wrong signals throughout the body. The Qsymia dosage information is prescribed according to the patient’s body weight, height, and body type, also taking into consideration other medications already prescribed for the patient. Taking more than one medication at a time should only be done with the consent of a physician even it other medications are Over-The-Counter OTC medications.

What Does Qsymia Do To The Body?

Qsymia is a medication taken that suppresses the appetite and control seizures. As with all medications, they are to be taken with strict adherence to the Qsymia dosage information on the prescription and schedule.

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Qsymia Has Performed Clinical Studies

During recent studies when the Qsymia dosage information was followed the drug outperformed other weight loss products holding the same claims as Qsymia.

What Side Effects Have Been Noted and Could Be Experienced?

  • Impact on a person’s actions
  • Possibly addictive
  • Can affect the central nervous system increasing agitation, irritability, and nervousness.
  • Signs of feeling jittery
  • Metallic unpleasant taste
  • Feeling of a dry mouth
  • Possible nausea
  • Possible diarrhea and constipation

All side effects should be discussed with the prescribing physician to ensure the symptoms experienced are appropriate for the patient’s body and health. It is often helpful when a person begins to take a new medication to keep a daily diary of emotional and health reactions to the drug. If a problem occurs, it is an excellent reference for the physician in finding a cause and treatment.

What is the Most Common Dosage Prescribed?

The most common Qsymia dosage information prescribed is delivered in tablet form at 37.5 mg. The medication is prescribed for a maximum time span of three months or 12-weeks. The length of time is determined due to possibilities of addiction if used for longer time periods.